This brings the LOLs

"You write false things about me, and it's starting to get to the point where I'll go to Stardoll Staff in order to knock some sense into your head" - tylerisbold
If they are fake, why are you so pissed? And by the way, if Stardoll Staff knocks me, I'll knock them twice.


Anonymous said...

Why would it make me so mad? The fact that's you nut! I wouldn't get mad it it was the truth.

I proved my point. You're obsessed with me. Write about someone else for a change.

Oh, like you have power to knock Stardoll twice. You have no power at all.

Stop posting about me on your blog. I wouldn't want to even be seen on a website that is called, "The Stardoll Police", when clearly you know NOTHING about fashion.

You're a sad excuse for a human being.


That's not a threat, that's a promise.

AND if you ever even think about being friends, and being "cool" with me. You would get this stupid shit off your website and act like a friend. You're sickening.

Grow up. You may be interested in this JUNK - but I ain't. I'm tired of you people posting false shit on your website thinking you have some kind of scoop. YOU HAVE NOTHING. YOU'RE NOTHING.

Get off the computer, and go breath some fresh air. Stop following my every move. I'm tired of it. Let me have fun. This isn't a place to BASH people.


Got that? No where do I see, GOSSIP.

I'm not even that interesting. Get a grip on yourself and reality. Writing about what other people are doing, and attacking people for having their own sense of style is not the way to get noticed!

I'm over you. Stop now, please. I said please... and I expect some respect!

Anonymous said...

The fact that's false*

Catlover103 said...

Well, nice, considerate, respectful people on Stardoll want some respect, too. We did nothing to deserve being completely ignored while the meanies of Stardoll get famous for doing things that don't benefit anyone except for them. Why not feature people who are nice to others? Or the newest, coolest blogs?