The Nojarama Trial

Nojarama has been thrown into the spotlight for the first time, we believe? But why? Well, recently the message below has been sent to dodence_bt and punkyfish2007:

"Hello, dear friend! If you want MKA jacket for free go to this site: stardollreaders.tk and get it!". Please. I don't think we are that stupid, are we? Stardoll will never ever dare to give away for free any Real Celeb thing.

Seriously, Nojarama, do you want Elite status so bad that you need to be a dirty little hacker? Well, it sure remembers me of the stategy fakeshake3 used to become oh-so-popular:

Create a software that allows you to get rares for free + use it non-stop so people notice there's something wrong - I'm sorry, different - with your account + get into a scandal and make every gossip blog write about it = being the most talked about member of Stardoll

It sure worked, so why Nojarama can't use this as a cheat sheet to climb his way into Stardoll fame? Then, when things calm down, he just needs to start being "fashionable", get involved into some more minor scandals, and tadaa!

But I doubt this will really work. Now Nojarama is being targeted as Stardoll's Public Enemy, and I don't think people will stop labeling him like that for a while. And don't you remember who else was on the Loophole Scandal? Trainwreck Hifof, who deleted her account and created another bunch *coughs* Tchen *coughs*. Is Nojarama set to follow fakeshake3's path or Hifof's?

According to John2_el_mejor he is blaming everything on grfl6, who supposedly hacked him. But the girl has no major rares, hotbuys or DKNY. But, on his presentation, he says that a Italian Mafia member hacked him. So it's obviously not grfl6.

And why would someone want to hack him? He has no potential rares or DKNY or HotBuys. And that's exactly why he wants to hack people: to get more rares into his account and increase his status. So I'm sticking to the fact that he is the hacker.

When I write this, another thought rushes through my head: is this the new Loophole? Are we going back to the glorious gossip Stardoll days? Tell me what do you believe.
Other rumor by the corner is that the hacker is misssimoncina, you can see the why John2_el_mejor believes that here.
What do YOU think?

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