I know what blonde_bum101 was going for with this look, but the red accesories were a total overkill. It looks like the scene kid got married with that ugly grey-and-bright-red 2006/2007 trend.

The skirt with those tights is awesome, but the grey dress is just too different from them. She could have skipped red belt and top, but really, those Christmas pumps and gloves are overkill. And of course, the too-formal makeup doesn't help.

Really, I accept that you took a risk, but this is too much to handle.

Guilty or Innocent?


Blonde_Bum101 said...

Well, aren't you a sparkling gem in the sea of kindness? :)
Thank you for wasting a perfectly good IP address to house me and my virtual smuck of an outfit, though! I shall kindly accept my ticket, oh gracious fashion cop.
-Ashley Taylor

Katie! said...

Umm.. she looks really cute. You are wrong.

Helga (AKA PATTINSON WIFE!) said...

This blog is very pointless.
All the ppl on here look really cute! And Ashley and Hunnigall are very fashoinable. I like their outfits!!

Teagy_moo said...

Honestly. Who DO you think you are?
Going around to people and telling them if what their wearing is suitable.
1. You aint got no style in the fisrt place to buck up!
2. On stardoll your mellon head makes you look like.. well, a lemon and
3. Being a douche bag will get you knowhere!

Hater Of A Hater. said...

Oh dear.. I just read the explanation for the creation of this blog on the side of the site, and must tell you that there are other ways to start drama.
First of all, your little paragraph made no sense. Obviously, if Perez said SD is boring, we need drama; but nobody appointed YOU to make this happen, and for good reasons:
1) This shitty blog does nothing but clog internet space.
2) All of the people featured have good outfits.
3) You are clearly afraid to insult the elites, even though you claim to be sick of them.
I really just dont understand. You make it sound like you want to bring new, interesting people into the light, but the only light you're giving them is tainted with insults. You want to make people known? Do it for good reasons, like nice suites, me-dolls, personalities, blogs, etc. NOT because this girl wore too many red accesories, that girl's a mismatched label whore, or because gold and blue totally clash. Seriously, been there done that. You are obviously a hungry tiger, lookin to stir shit up.
Give it a rest.