Oh honey, did you even look at your clothes when creating your outfit? You mixed 3 completely opposite styles in one look, and the result is not good.

You got this tribal, exotic thing going on with the tunic and the jewellery, but then you have this elegant pants and shoes, and a random gold 2.55 pops out of nowhere! And your hair is just too edgy for the look. And I won't even talk about your dark blush, which is not really appropiate for your skin tone.

Next time iiNA.L0VES.YOUx try to define the style you're going for, or else you'll be completely messed up like this.

Guilty or Innocent?

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iina. said...

Hahaah, was it really that bad? I actually kinda liked my outfit! Haha.
Ps. The o's in my nickname are zeros. :)