Attention Seeker?

So, there's this rumor that Tyler a.k.a tylerisbold is leaving Stardoll because of school stuff.

I do not believe it. He had a bad rep for a while ago because how he treated Hunnigall. To make everyone forget it, he revamped his blog, which ended up being a total fail. And, his writer glamour1 quits because "she had no freedom".

How to fix that up? The romance thing with Britneys07 did not work, so why not leave and be remembered like the true star he is obsessed to be? Look what happenned to writemarycat, Steelone, and PerezStarGossip - even though they aren't online anymore, they are remembered because they were awesome writers and magazine editors, not because of their shady past.

Yeah. Like that will work. I expect to see him online next month, or even in 2 weeks. Stardoll is a drug.


Anonymous said...

You really should stop posting false rumors. People like real gossip. Now, I know you're looking for real stories so why don't you go look a little harder. To many posts about me, and it's almost as if you're extremely obsessed. School doesn't start for another two weeks. But when school does start I stated in my guestbook that I wouldn't have much time for the computer any more.

I would never try to make anyone FORGET anything. That's the power of the written word. My blog was a total fail? I don't think so. The only comments you have on this post is the one I typed up. You have 11 followers. Compare that to my what 350?

You really shouldn't judge people. It's right. You should treat others how you want to be treated. Like you say Stardoll is a drug, I'd like to see you not post about me. That's right boycott me. Or wait... Are you addicted to me? Am I a drug?

The Stardoll Cop said...

Yes, I have 11 followers, and my blog is.. like 10 days old, I guess?
And I'm not obsessed. You're not obsessed. Why don't we relax and hang out someday?
Be cool, stay cool.

Elite_Hater said...

Both of you shut up! No one likes you, Tyler! You are a good-for-nothing poser! the day of the "Elites" is soon to be over! Let deserving, nice people get well-known, not posers getting caught up in so-called "Scandals"!